Saturday, April 16, 2016

Death in Nature

Some of the examples for this topic involved dead animals, or animals killing other animals. I didn't have time to find dead animals or wait for Moxy to kill something. And if you recall from many years ago, she is not very good at killing things in the first place.

Other options would be dead plants. They are, after all, still in nature. Ironically, everything seems to be growing around here right now, it being Spring and all. But I do have some rose bushes that are growing nicely right next to the dead blooms from last year. I probably was supposed to trim those off, but I'm sure I had some secret intuition that I would need them for a picture later on.

My other death is my Christmas Wreath. Grandma Cazier gave it to us and it has held up nicely. Sometime in February, someone mentioned I still had my Christmas wreath up. I didn't care. It is still up, but it is finally showing some wear. I walked over and shook it and a deluge of needles came down. I could touch certain branches and the needles jumped ship as if they were so happy to finally abandon their post. Here is one of my sad branches.

There are many branches that have retained their leaves, but after my experimentation, the wreath has some bald patches. It may actually be time to take it down.

Next week (a.k.a. in a few minutes): PORTRAITS - ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS

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