Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just a regular day. I was getting the kids all ready to go to Music Makers when I opened the car to find this...

Tyler had been busy. He filled my car with balloons. The girls loved it and they jumped in amongst the balloons while scraping them off the car seats so they could sit down. I found a balloon on my seat that said each balloon had a message inside, a reason that Tyler loved me. I momentarily panicked. Balloons were falling out of the car and it was rather windy outside. "Don't lose any of those balloons," I told the kids.
When Tyler came home for lunch, the girls helped me pop them while I read all the reasons Tyler loves me. They were quite good at the popping part. Even Ivory could sit down with a toothpick and pop them all by herself.

In the end, I had a list of 101 reasons Tyler loves me. He is the sweetest. I married the best guy in the world. I have hundreds of reasons why I love him, I really should write them down someday. But one of them is that he makes me feel loved and this is almost 8 years after we decided to tie the knot. The flame is still burning bright.

Here are my 10 favorite reasons (from the balloons) that Tyler loves me:

  1. You’re smart about pediatric stuff. Left under my supervision, I’m quite certain our children would have a thicker file at the hospital.
  2. You let me answer the phone, even though I know it will be for you.
  3. You chose chores with dice.
  4. You’ve never yelled, “You! You did this to me!” while shaking your finger at me in the middle of a contraction in the delivery room.
  5. You have given me the premium real estate on the towel rack.
  6. Your sweet tooth is as sweet as mine.
  7. You let me sleep on whichever side of the bed I want. You manage to sleep on 8 inches of a Queen-sized bed, while I sprawl & flail all over the place.
  8. You’re not afraid of jumping spiders.
  9. You're amazingly beautiful when you're asleep. You seem very peaceful. You must be dreaming about your Ragin' Stallion.
  10. You’re wittier than everybody else I know.
It makes a difference when you do something fun and surprising for the one you love. I encourage you to do something heartfelt for your special someone soon. I know I will.


raging stallion said...

I'm still the one. Oh yeah. She inspires me, what can I say. I figure if you love some one, maybe you oughta tell them all 101 every NOW and again.

Ker said...

ok so that was so awesome, and it inspired me and made me feel good, and Im not even married to the stallion! WTG Tyler, and Maleen you are married to a pretty great guy!

Camille said...

That is so cute!

Deanne said...

There is nothing like a good surprise; especially one filled with all those warm fuzzies! It is also great that your girls got to participate in the popping. I'm impressed he was able to blow all those up and put them in the van without you noticing! What a great way to brighten a day!

Frog Gel said...

Way to go Tyler! I mentioned to you that Tyler should teach HUS 101 but I just think I need to appreciate what I got. At times I wish my hubby would do sweet things like that, but really looking back he is perfect me.

buhlersdayoff said...

nice work!! way to keep the love alive!