Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Birthday June!!

Wow, this weekend was a whirlwind of activity as our oldest turned 5. She had such a good time. She insisted that she wanted a Chuck E. Cheese party even though she had never been there before. She was only allowed to invite 5 friends on a Chuck E. Cheese budget, so it was a tough decision for her. I think her party was a great success. The children ran around playing games and using tokens. It was interesting to see the difference in strategy. The older kids knew all about the tickets and prizes and they spent much of the time playing the games. June, Robyn and some of the other kids enjoyed the rides and playing on the slides more. They are very organized there and they brought pizza at the right time and the kids loved dancing and singing with Chuck E. Cheese. They provide a cake and some gifts for the birthday child. As a parent, it was pretty low-key. All I had to do was watch children and count heads over and over. They had a really good time and I think we may be back next year for Robyn's birthday.

June giving Chuck E. Cheese a hug

It took her few tries to blow out the candles

Afterwards, we took her quickly to get her birthday balloon. We have a tradition that the birthday child can choose any balloon at Zurchers (even the huge ones on the wall). Last year Robyn chose a huge pink pig. It was bigger than she was. This year June got a Welcome Baby balloon. I guess she liked the heart and polka dots because I couldn't talk her into anything else.

We whisked her home and Grandma was waiting for her (having driven down through a blizzard that morning.) Grandma Cazier (Ty's Mom) always takes the kids out for their birthday and spoils them just a bit. But I don't mind too much since she doesn't see them often enough. She took June out for the rest of the evening and I think they had a blast. June is a born shopper (she may get that from me). I am so sorry that I did not get any pictures of June with Grandma. I got home late from the Relief Society Broadcast and it was so fun to relax and watch June show off all her fun stuff and listen to Grandma talk about their evening. So you have to imagine June with many outfits, a new scooter and plenty of smiles on her face.

But it didn't end there. Her real birthday was Sunday and so we busted out with family presents and another cake. I like making one, and everyone should have cake on their birthday. Plus it was worth it watching her blow the candles out. I think she blew eleven times.

June got Princess Crayons from Ivory (or from Mom's trip to Disneyland)

June got new scriptures. We are excited to mark passages with her.

June's cake, talk about sugar...

Happy Birthday my big girl! These five years have been so fun. You are so smart and learn new things everyday. Don't grow up too quickly. Here are some pictures of her birthdays through the years.


Raging Stallion said...

She's cute and now that she's got a "handful" of years, she's only getting cuter.

Never lose that smile, June, never. Also, hold on to that attitude of "I don't care that I got a Welcome Baby balloon on my Birthday I like it." It's far to rare in people today.

Maleen said...

Okay, I actually went back to the birthday footage and it took her thirteen tries to get all the candles. Love her.

Ker said...

What a cute little June bug! Mace had fun! Thanks for inviting him!

Frog Gel said...

I scrolled down to look at the pictures at the bottom. I didn't bother to read the top part. I kept thinking June looks really young in them. Once I was totally confuse I went back to read what you said. Yeah knowing those are pictures of birthdays she has had in the past make since why she looks younger.

Seth and Liam had so much fun. They were among those who didn't understand the tokens but who cares as long as they have fun right?

Deanne said...

I'm glad she enjoyed Chuck E Cheese. We went for Olivia's birthday one year and she wouldn't even go near him. I love the rainbow cake, and her beautiful porcelain doll face in all her birthday pics. She is such a cutie. And I LOVE the fact that she chose the "Welcome Baby" balloon.

Jodi Fairbanks said...

She is such a cute girl! I can't believe she is five!

Cindy said...

Happy birthday to June!

Stacie said...

Wow - can't believe that was 5 years ago that we were there, she was just born when the flu-bug hit your house. Mark and I sooo enjoyed being able to help take care of her! Wish we lived closer - but someday! That is too cute that she picked the "Welcome Baby" balloon for her birthday!