Friday, October 26, 2007

My Turn At School

It is finally June's turn for school. I feel she has had to wait so long because not only does her birthday fall in September so she didn't get to go to Kindergarten this year, but the Pre-school she is going to now didn't start until this week. So all the kids her age have been in school for ages (well, a month and a half, but that must seem like ages to June). I am really impressed with the program and I think June is going to have so much fun. They have a field trip every month and they look so exciting, I am pretty sure I will be volunteering for all of them. They even get to go to Build-a-Bear (yay!).

I love how creative she is and how nothing she wears ever matches. Maybe wearing stripes and plaids will be in someday. In the meantime, it is perfect for her.

This is her cute bag. I printed her name and the unicorn but then she colored the sky and the rainbow. Of course she forgot her bag the first day, but I don't even think she noticed (she was having too much fun).

It makes me think of that book, My Turn on Earth. I read it when I was little and loved it. I'm so glad it is June's turn now. By the way, that book is now selling for $45 on Amazon. I must not be the only one who liked it.


Raging stallion said...

That's my little girl--all growed up. Pretty soon she'll be asking to go to Harvard...and I'll tell her she'll get a better education at the Y (Sorry all you Harvard fans).

I'm going to have to go out and get one of those bumper stickers that says, "My pre-school student beat up your honor student." I've been waiting for this glorious day.

Frog Gel said...

Way to go June!