Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dishwasher Woes

Things I learned today...

1. The dishwasher does not work right when you put the bottom rack in backwards (even though it fits perfectly).
2. Tyler knows where our dishwasher manual is and he will actually read it to solve a problem instead of taking the dishwasher apart piece by piece.
3. I would be lost without him.

Without Tyler I might have...
a. Bought a new dishwasher (heaven forbid I get that drastic, but the thought did run through my mind that maybe it was time for a new one).
b. Been really embarrassed when the repairman came over and simply turned the bottom rack around the proper way (seriously, it shouldn't fit if it is backwards).
c. Turned it around myself, but kept wondering why the dishwasher wasn't working for those few days and always be waiting for it to stop working again. (I did notice the rack was in the wrong way, I just didn't connect that it had anything to do with the problem)

The story does have a happy ending. Tyler (who was the one who put it in backwards by the way) simply switched it around and voila, my dishwasher works again. Such a simple thing can cause such an alteration. It makes me think that sometimes in life we just get turned around. It seems to fit, but if we just read our instruction manual again, we can put things back like they are supposed to be, and it can make all the difference.


Ker said...

what can I say Maleen! Im LOL!

Hot Chocolate said...

Ah...the beauty of a simple and CHEAP solution. If only all our promblems could be remedied like that! Love it.

Michelle said...

This was great!! I am so glad that your dishwasher is fixed. Just thought of something breaking down just gets to me--a huge panic attack!