Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Land o' Pumpkins

We finally made it to PumpkinLand. I like how they have so much variety for the kids. This was the first year that we attempted the corn maze (the kids have really been too young before). The girls really enjoyed it and they dashed from one corner to the next. June wanted to read every sign and Robyn kept telling me how spooky it was.

I am just happy that it isn't a huge maze. I honestly think I could get lost for hours in those large corn mazes. My sense of direction isn't so bad if I can walk in a straight line, but when I am forced to twist and turn , I quickly become disoriented. Luckily, at Pumpkinland, I usually find myself coming out of the maze by accident, when I planned to stay longer.

I saw some pretty cute ghosties while I was there.

The girls had great fun on the slides and running around the play areas. We stopped in briefly at the light alley, but they wanted to go back to the big toy. Ivory loves slides now too, so they could spend all day there. Robyn was crushed when we had to leave. It hardly consoled her that we were going to pick out pumpkins. Everyone got to pick their very own (stay tuned for excellently decorated squash in future episodes).
Even in the midst of all this Halloween splendor, I still found something that made me think of Christmas...

...why it's the Holly and the Ivory of course.


Jodi Fairbanks said...

yeah for pumpkin land! It is such a cute little corn maze.

Raging stallion said...

Maleen didn't mention the allure of BBQ that we later discovered was wafting from the Bethams. I wanted to get out of the corn maze so I could consume what smelled like 'fall kabobs.' MMMMMmmmm. Now there's a reason to get out of a corn maze.

Pumpkin Land was mighty fun. I liked the animals--although the kids still favor the Big Toys and stuff. Ivory didn't have a choice, though--she pretty much got to hang out with me while I yapped with the goats, and blathered with the geese, and ... well, you get it.

Feels like fall.

Frog Gel said...

We went to Pumpkin land for the first time this year. It was blast. Love the picture of all the girls.