Monday, October 8, 2007

General Conference

General Conference--what a great time of year!

I really look forward to being spiritually enriched and getting some crosstitching in. I like to crosstitch while listening because it keeps my hands busy and I don't fall asleep. Not that conference is boring, but a busy mom can't sit still for two hours and not have her body succumb to lack of sleep and general drowsiness. We had the Smiley's over for breakfast Saturday morning to watch the first session with us. Ivory was very cute as during the session she crawled up into Shalom's lap and camped there for about twenty minutes. Apparently, she felt right at home.
I really enjoyed all the speakers this session. Dallin H. Oaks amazed me as always. I was super excited that Henry B. Eyring was called into the Presidency, I am excited to get to know Quentin L. Cook and I just love our Prophet with all my heart. I was very touched as he bore testimony of the Book of Mormon again. I always tell myself that I am going to read every conference talk again when the Ensign comes out but somehow when six months roll around, I am lucky to have read half of them. So I am challenging myself online. I will be putting a reading schedule on my side bar in November and you are welcome to follow along for six months as I read the talks again. I hope you all enjoyed General Conference.


Deanne said...

I loved Conference!!! I remember as a child it used to drag on forever, and now that I'm all grown up (mostly) I can't get enough. It's the boost I need to get through the next 6 months. I would love to follow your reading schedule! That will be great.

Frog Gel said...

I will for sure follow it. Without television it was hard to listen at times. So I need to read them so I know what I missed.

Hot Chocolate said...

Good idea. We'll have to keep tabs on it together. It's something I definitely need to do.

Elita said...

Good for people to know.